quirky burp



Custom cartoons and oil paintings

Capturing people is my specialty. Whether in a quirky cartoon or a realistic oil painting, I create custom artwork with so much love and color.


Cartoon Portraits

Whimsical and quirky, these colorful portraits make the perfect gift. I capture the likeness of you or your people in an accurate yet playful way, and can draw any combination of people and pets.

5x7 inches drawn on Bristol board with marker and ink

$25 base price
(includes 1 figure)

+$15 per additional person
+ $10 per additional pet
+ $10 for full background


Oil Painting Portraits

Highly detailed and realistic, these custom oil paintings are so breathtaking and heartfelt. I capture a physical likeness of each subject as well as their essence. These portraits are incredibly unique, saturated with color, and make the perfect addition to any wall.

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